Timeless And Elegant Family

Emma has spent the last eight years bringing up her two young boys. Now they are getting older, she felt it was time to start to pursue a career again, so finding something that still allowed her to work from home and ensure that she still had time for her family was essential.

She gained a love for sewing, when she decided that she had lots of clothes left from her boys that she simply could not part with, and wanted to present them in a memory quilt, that they could keep, and even pass down. So having been kindly given a little Singer sewing machine by her grandma, and a quick tutorial, she was set. Soon developing the sewing skills that she needed, Emma started to make other items for the home, like cushions. And also items for family members.

This also developed Emma’s other passion of Traditional Upholstery. Having wanted to do something with her old dining chairs, rather than buy new Emma booked a weeks course at The Traditional Upholstery Workshop, in South Wales, where meeting a fantastic teacher, Liz Marks, would change her life and way of thinking for ever.

Emma never looked back. She knew that this was an amazing career that she could pursue and still have all the important family time that she also wanted.

She is currently working towards a diploma in Traditional Upholstery.

She has only been sewing for the last three years, having attended a few afternoon classes , she also started to trawl the internet for tutorials,  and this has allowed her to learn the necessary skills, to make the creations that she wanted.

You can see more of my work on my Gallery page click here to see.