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Back to my Diploma!!

Well after a busy week last week with appointments and activities with the boys, it was lovely to spend the day working on my Upholstery all day.
Waking extremely early this morning, 5am, not sure if it was excitement or just the mornings getting lighter, I got up and prepared for my day down at The Traditional Upholstery Workshop, to continue with my work towards my Diploma.
So, boys fed, and dropped off at school, I headed down to start my day. It was good being back with Liz and Emily to guide me through the last few steps in my chaise.  I had completed much of the back at home, but again confidence and lack of experience halted me in going any further.
So I finished attaching the calico, a few staples were needed around the very small area around the show wood, then a bit of spray glue to attach the dacron and it was ready for the all important top cover.
This bit was fun, the shape was very different to a simple square, and then the stripes in the material made it a bit more difficult as I had to ensure they were running straight. I skewered the bottom then top, as the bottom was a straight line, it allowed me to have a line to follow to ensure the stripes were kept parallel. Once I was happy that it was tight enough, and with a checkin with the teachers, I continued with the sides.
After several adjustments and addition of more skewers I was finally happy with the shape and the taughtness of the fabric so it was time to start tacking it in place. I used 10mm fine tacks, and once again started with the nice straight line at the bottom and worked my way around. I did have to use some gimp pins, which are very small type tacks, but have small heads with very long tips, and also some stapling was required as there was very little room to attach the tacks next to the show wood, by the time all the other elements have been previously added.
Next it needed some piping! I had prepared some at home, but Emily and Liz suggested “Double Piping”. Ofcourse I agreed, any chance to learn something new and I’m on board. This was fun and not what I was expecting. Most double piping that I have seen is already done for for you, two bits of piping cord already joined and you just add the fabric, but this I made out of two single pieces of very thin piping cord. I measured and cut out the fabric, with the  length needed being so long I had to join two pieces together, I’ve learned, stripes are hard to match up and eyes start to go funny after a while. They were all different colours so it made it that little bit harder. But got there in the end and it looks amaxing. I have decided to make it a little bit harder for myself by trying to match up the colours on the piping to the stripes on the Fabric! Watch this space as they say. Time for bed as another busy day tomorrow.



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