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AND BREATHE.For all of you Crafters out there, I should think that this is how many of you are feeling and all deserve a well earned break for a couple of weeks before the fun all starts again. Well that was my second fair done and dusted. A few more of my lovely products have found there way to new homes, one as a gift,so I hope they like it!!  Pig Street is a lovely craft fair with lots of unusual crafts and I will definitely be making a few visits there next year with my handmade crafts. Laura and Sarah who run the fair are amazing people and extremely helpful and insightful people to any new comers. I’ve been operating now for a month, and I have met some amazing people already. Having being an animal lover, more than people, it has sort of restored my faith in humanity a bit. There are still good people in the world!! Now I can enjoy Christmas with my amazing little family. I can’t wait to see what Santa brings.

There will be a few Christmas cushions on sale, so please pop over to my site, and take a look. I will need new fabric next year.
In the New year I can’t wait to start working with my new fabric, a cerise pink velvet, it’s sooo soft! And I will also be finishing off my chaise lounge, thanks to Liz at The Traditional Upholstery Workshop for all her help once again.
Hope you all have an amazing Christmas, if any one is reading this. Xxx

timeless and elegant at Pig street Narbeth


2 thoughts on “BREATHE!!

  1. I hope you had a good Christmas and I agree – it’s always good to get out, meet new creative people and have our faith in humanity restored!

  2. Thank you Alice for your comment and for reading my blog. Christmas was good,love having kids home. went by too fast. Hope yours was good too.

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