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Clutter clearing.

I’ve recently been reading a book called a Spring Affair. By Milly Johnson. Sometimes when I read, something in me just clicks and you just think, I’ll give that a go. Not to give to much away, she starts to Spring clean her house after reading an article, and that is what I have started to do, but not just a Spring clean an overhaul I think is a more appropriate word. I have done a room at a time, this is a really important factor. I’ve put things back where they belong, if I haven’t used something within a year, it goes, either charity shop, boot sale(which I have book myself a table and got everything boxed and ready to go or it will just get put up in the attic never to be seen again) or recycled at the tip. I have to say I have found the whole experience exhilarating and I wake up each day feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, cleaning is becoming easier and quicker, so I have more time to do what I really want to do and spend time with the family, instead of cleaning around the things, objects,that just have no part in my life.
My goal this year has always been to finish things off. And clutter clearing has definitely allowed me to have the time and see things in a new perspective around the home, and I am starting to enjoy my home again. I love getting up in the morning too, feeling refreshed and ready to start my next room. The boys are off back to school tomorrow, so a job that I’ve been meaning to do is re decorate my youngest bedroom, it’s looking a bit tired and his tastes have moved on




So he wants a Star Wars themed room. This will be my project, but my new self will keep going till it’s finished, not try and do a thousand things at once and not actually get anything finished.
Dining chairs are looking good too.


One more to do and then that will be another project I can tick off my list. I ve been trying to start my own business, but my head is just so filled with tick lists and things I need to do or finish, I simply can’t get my head and full focus on it, I’ve got amazing plans for it, and I know where I want to go with it, but these projects need to be finished in order for me to give it my all!
So Clutter clearing has been an amazing turning point in my life and has made me look at things so differently, but definitely with a clearer head. 😀


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