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Day one of decorating bedroom!

Well day one is coming to an end for me and the hardest part, I think is done. Sanding and repairing the walls. You certainly know that you are doing the right thing redecorating when you take the wall stickers off and it leaves behind the stencil of what was on there before!! I have been covered from head to toe in dust, it was up my nose and in my ears, but I know that it was worth the extra effort, as it makes such a big difference to the painting and final finish. You forget how big a room once was until you remove everything from it and it’s just bare walls.
I’ve got a fresh start now tomorrow so I can wipe the walls down, to get the remainder of the dust and start painting. Having an empty room also allows you to get a feel for the design that you want to create. Star Wars is the theme that my little boy has decided on with his favourite character being R2D2.
Best get ordering things as I’ve promised it will be finished in a few days, and he was very sad that he had to share with his brother.:|looking forward to day two of the decorating. X


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