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Caning Complete

several weeks later!

Caning complete,

Caning Complete, well one side any way.

This is the first piece of caning that I have ever done. Now to crack on with the other side.

It has taken me a long time to complete this, with having other projects and looking after the boys, but I have got there in the end.

Just to plug the holes and then I can crack on with the other side, will not stop until I have finished, now that it is fresh in my head again.

Really pleased with the outcome and so glad that I took a  days course to learn the basics, with a lovely man called Brian Crossley

(note to self, make sure next time that you don’t start upholstering a chair and then decide that you want to learn how to cane!)

Caning is such an amazing skill and I hope that it never dies out.

We have come away from these skilled industries so much that they are fobbing us off with cheap imitations that just don’t last as long, and have not had half the skill and time put into making an exquisite piece, of quality furniture.