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Chaise Longue and the rest of the week.

Chaise Longue, here we go again!!

This Chaise longue has taken me forever, but that is me not throwing myself into a project.


Usually I do a day by day blog but things were so busy during my week at The Traditonal Upholstery Workshop I did not get chance to Blog each day, so this is a recap of day one, for those of you that missed my first blog,and the remainder of the week for those that have been following my progress!

Day One

It was amazing being back at The Traditional Upholstery Workshop.  There is always a bit of anticipation before I go, not being able to sleep mostly. I think I am a bit like a child who is off to Disney World.  

Any way, it was good to see new faces and new pieces that people are working on and also new students not knowing what to expect from the day.

It is good for me as I get to spend all day on my upholstery, not having to worry about collecting the boys from school or daily duties around the house.

 My back piece was finally getting its material, this may sound like a quick job but it took me nearly all day! I think that I am slow compared to most people that come on the course, but I get it done in the end.  So a lot of measuring and checking and checking again, a lot of skewers added (although I have learnt that not all Upholsters work with these), to ensure the material is tight, and some double piping, (which I didn’t quite have time to add) an I was on my way.

(Chaise bed will be coming back with me tomorrow.)


Day Two

Well I feel that I did not get much achieved today. I was hoping to finish my chaise, but I seem to be quite slow at doing pieces.
I started the morning by gluing on the double piping that I made the day before. Hoping to finish all the Chaise, apart from the cushion, I soon realised that I will have to finish the outside back at home, otherwise I would not be able to fit it back in the car. Argh!!

 But there was still work to be done!

 Firstly I added a few buttons to the chaise back, that was fun especially making them yourself as well. I think if I had a button making machine I would be making buttons for everything!!

Even though they weren’t deep buttoned you still need to check and check again that they are aligned and pulled in to the same depth.


This is the first time that  I have ever upholstered a back on a chair.

It was definitely challenging as working with furniture upside down is quite strange, but definitely something that I am becoming accustomed to.

I also worked backwards.

Usually you work in layers and then the top cover goes on. But this piece, the top cover was measured for and attached the same time as the tarpaulin hessian. I added a piece of tack strip.( This is basically a length of strong cardboard. It allows you to get a straight line in the material and to keep it rigid.)

Again with this piece I worked slightly different, as usually you would work top to bottom and then the sides, in order to get the Hessian tight and rigid, but in order to maintain the shape I placed a few temporary tacks at the top and then slowly created the shape from the bottom sides, upwards.

Day Three

Having originally not being able to decide on a piece of material for the front scroll, it was left unfinished. 

So, having had it staring at me for many week at home in my bedroom and still not deciding or actually finding the right colour material, I had an odd piece and just the right size in fact, of striped fabric left over.

My piping was already finished, (I made this last time I was here), I set about aligning my material to match my stripes on the piping, which believe me, is not as straight forward as it sounds and they do not always match up.

You also need to ensure that your weave on the material runs the right way, which when my teachers told me that, I actually looked at them like they were mad, so when you smooth your hands down it, (which I have witnessed, is the first thing people actually do) it goes down smoothly.

Any way, again this took me all day, but it was the last thing I was able to do in the workshop, and was really wanting to make a start on a new project, so I was determined to get it finished!

The whole thing took a lot of concentration, a lot of pins and sewing by hand, (which strangely I love),  but the results were worth the wait.

Day Four

Yay new project and something I have been wanting to do for a while is Deep Buttoning.  A simple explanation from one of my Upholstery books by a lady called Dorothy Gates is: “a buttoning technique of where buttons are secured through all the layers, making deep indents and folds between the buttons”. Simple!

I had read lots of articles and done a bit of swatting up before I went, but to be honest I really could not get my head around it.

I seem to learn more from being shown, rather than reading books, and then of course the books make more sense.  

So I was given a jigsaw puzzle, it was flat packed and Liz has these made especially for her students, I did not have time to find an oldie one, but I also like the shape on these. I have recorded the process of the construction of layers in Deep Buttoning in picture form below because I think that it is easier to follow than a lot of detailed wording:


Today is always a bit of a rush day as we finish early in order to clean the workshop and get our pieces loaded back into our vehicles. So continuing with my lid I was focused and ready to go.






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Chaise Lounge is finally taking shape.

Progress of Chaise LoungeWell the back of my chaise lounge is coming along.  This is a selection of hair that you need to regulate to make into the required shape. Love traditional upholstery. If you take a look in my gallery, you can see what it will be attached to. Going to look amazing. Still can’t believe I created this.  I have been looking Chaise Lounge to upholster for a ling time and  when I came across this Ebay find, I knew it was meant for me. It will sit proudly in my bedroom when it is finished!