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It’s raining it’s pouring and food shopping!!

It’s raining it’s pouring and food shopping!! Well off to do my food shopping for Xmas. Something I think we all dread and still I don’t understand why people think they need so much extra food. The shops these days, don’t even close for very long at all. For the last few years, I have chosen to shop in my local indoor market and little local store, and we still have an amazing Christmas, food wise, and without all the crushing and hustle and bustle of the big super stores.
I always seem to go into a bit of a dream world when into the big supermarkets, I feel like I have been zombiefied and just trudging up and down the aisles, with food I don’t really need and leaving what seems like hours later, forgetting half the things I went in for!
So armed with my lists and shopping bags, I’m heading to the local market where I know I will get fruit and veg that will keep for weeks, sea food that hadn’t long come out the sea, and my little deli counter, where I can buy a small portion of olives, a little slice of pate, Parma ham sliced fresh and eggs that have not long been laid. I have very little waste, apart from a few peelings, and a very bare turkey carcass. But I know this is the way people Use to shop, but I think it’s one thing that shouldn’t have changed, plus I spend less money!!!! Not long now till the big guy comes to deliver presents. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄.


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