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little princess trust

Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

So having thought about cutting my hair off for some time I was looking to see if there are any charities out there that would accept my real hair in order to make a new wig for patients that need them, and when I started looking there are not very many.

I came across the Little Princess Trust and they really appealed to me.  They have known the loss of losing a child to Cancer and that is how the charity came about in the first place.  Children notice things and unfortunately, not having any hair makes you attract attention.

So these kind people decided to set up a charity which allowed children to have FREE wigs, while having to go through and battle this awful disease.

So, on a lighter note, having made my decision I booked an appointment with my hair dresser, Tracey and was all set for the chop!!

I must admit, on the morning of going to have it done I felt very sick and nervous, as I had never had my hair shorter than shoulder length, I am the type of person that visits the hairdresser once a year, sometimes twice if my hair is particulary bad, but I knew, that this was going to a good cause and that made it all the better and my hair would grow back.

So as usual, Tracey asks what I want and I tell her my plan for my hair, boy is she surprised, and asks me several times “are you sure??”, but two pigtails and then off it comes.

little princess trust

So all packaged up and in the post and my hair is all ready to be made into a beautiful wig for some well deserve child.

I even have a lovely certificate to remember what a good deed I did!!





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