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Nearly there. R2D2 GALOURE.

Well having had to take a few days out to rest and get better, I’m finally coming to the end of my decorating. I have really enjoyed it, especially using colour, which I usually shy away from.
I do find that when I do projects like this, I wake at stupid O’clock in the morning, with all these ideas rushing out in front of me, but they are usually pretty good and I just have to have a go. This is where my R2D2 cupboard idea came from. I’m no Van Gogh, but I am pretty pleased with the results, the only thing is, I need to do the small wardrobe as well, as it looks pretty out of place, but can’t decide which character, my thinking is C-3PO or Stormtroopers???
I can’t wait to do more now. But I’m quite pleased with myself that I have managed to recycle, rather than buy new.  Apart from a cheap light shade, some new bedding and some much needed book shelves, the rest was already in the room.



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