Memory Blankets The Perfect Personalised Gift

Perfect personalised memory blankets.  Custom made to your requirement.


Product Description

Perfect Personalised memory blankets.  Custom made to your requirement. I know that there are lots out there making these memory blankets, but a lot of them are only keep sake, why spend so much money on something that is going to be packed away and not seen.  The way that I make my memory blankets and use the clothes are so that you can keep the memories alive.  When I made my boys, I tried to choose clothes that they have worn in photographs or on videos as it also gives the child something to recognise.  My memory blankets are  not just about the clothes, but special objects or things the child has enjoyed whilst growing up, not just as a baby.

Memory blankets are an amazing way to have all your memories in one place. If you take a look in my gallery, I have drawn around my boys hands and feet, names are included, dates of birth, tine and weight of birth, the list is endless.

If you like what you see, Emma can be contacted via the contact page, and she can have a chat about what you require on Your Memory Blanket.

Memory Blankets, the new box for keeping your memories safe!





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