Pin Cushions

Pin Cushions


Lovely, weighty pin cushions for all you sewing fanatics out there.


Product Description

Pin Cushions are a must for anyone that can sew. All those countless needles and pins that I find on the floor after sewing, this has been a god send for me. It is made with a beautiful green and tartan patchwork style fabric, has a loop for hanging, which looks like a tape measure and is finished with a simple button. ¬†They are filled with crushed nut shells, which are amazing as they make the cushion weighty, so it doesn’t keep falling on the floor and also has a slight lavender scent.

The crushed walnut shells also help to maintain the life of your pins and needles. Because they are a natural product they have a slight oil in them, which helps to stop them rusting and keeps them sharps for you too.

If you would like these in any other colour or design please contact me via the CONTACT link, and I will be in touch. They can also be filled with other product, if say you have an allergy to nuts.


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